couple dancing together to Taylor Swift at their Harborside Hotel wedding
Steve & Melissa’s Harborside Hotel Wedding
We met up with Steve and Melissa for their Acadia engagement session in May, where we discussed their upcoming Harborside Hotel wedding. We quickly realized how fun, laidback, and goofy these two are together as we posed them for engagement photos, so we were even more excited for their August wedding day to come around.
Bar Harbor and Acadia wedding portrait
Mike and Adrianna’s Bar Harbor and Acadia Wedding
Mike and Adrianna met at a Blink-182 concert and had their first official date exactly one year later. They love hiking and spending time outdoors with their dog, Murphy, so it was important to them to spend some time in Acadia National Park on their wedding day. Throughout the planning process, we discussed different ways to make this happen before finally deciding to set aside a few hours before the ceremony for the first look at Otter Cliff. This allowed us to take our time in the park while guests were still preparing for the wedding back at the Harborside Hotel, where we'd be returning for the ceremony and reception.
couple laughing at Portland Maine brewery wedding
Kara & Casey’s Portland Maine Brewery Wedding
If you're interested in planning a brewery wedding in Portland, Maine, you may be surprised to see how many options are out there. Kara and Casey have been growing hops and homebrewing for years. Joel is also into homebrewing, so watching these three chat about all things beer was cool. They also had a dog named Barley, who served as ring bearer. So, it was only fitting that they'd have a brewery-based wedding. They chose one of our favorites, Oxbow Brewing, for several reasons. First, It's a favorite of theirs. Second, the space is large and incredibly cool. Third, it's just down the road from their home, where they'd be getting ready with friends, family, and their three hilarious pups.