Jacqui & Derek’s Acadia Wedding Portraits

After their stormy Bar Harbor wedding, Jacqui and Derek received sunshine and warmth during their Acadia wedding portraits. Despite the unexpected challenge of Hurricane Lee disrupting their initial portrait plans, we swiftly adapted by organizing a post-wedding day session to capture the beauty of Bar Harbor's coast.

They chose Bar Harbor for its stunning coastal scenery, making outdoor portraits in Acadia a must. The previous day's inclement weather confined us indoors, posing challenges for capturing the epic wedding portraits we envisioned. Fortunately, we maximized the use of the beautiful window light at Bar Harbor Club. However, after seeing the forecast promising a gorgeous day after the wedding, we eagerly seized the opportunity to create magic in Acadia as well.

Opting for a noon meet-up allowed Jacqui and Derek to enjoy a relaxed morning after their late after-party. Joel and I also took advantage of the extra time, playing tourists and enjoying breakfast at Cafe This Way—something we hadn't done for years. Sipping coffee in the sun, we looked forward to the upcoming portrait session, heading to Acadia National Park early to scout out ideal locations. Mindful of the midday sun, we found some shaded spots to provide everyone occasional respite from the warmth.

When we said our goodbyes the night before, Jacqui had been uncertain about her hair and makeup plans for the next day. However, her excitement about making Acadia work was palpable. Upon their arrival in Acadia, Derek explained that he had woken up in a panic, realizing his suit was balled up on the floor from the night before. Well, these two had no reason to worry – Jacqui looked stunning with her flowing hair, and Derek's suit was impressively wrinkle-free.

Here are our favorite portraits of Jacqui and Derek in Acadia National Park!

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