Adriana & Adham’s Wedding Portraits in Acadia National Park

We'd initially planned Adriana and Adham's wedding portraits in Acadia National Park for the day after their Bar Harbor wedding. However, the rainy weather, which we had luckily avoided on their wedding day, decided to hit that Sunday, forcing us to postpone by a day. We met the evening before they had to drive back to Montreal.
It was a blessing in disguise as these two spent a lazy day relaxing after their wedding day instead. It was necessary due to an after-party that went into the early hours of Sunday morning. Despite still being exhausted, they were absolute troopers. We rarely see our couples after the wedding day, so checking in with them after all the happy chaos was a lovely experience.

Heavy fog greeted us when we arrived for their wedding portraits in Acadia National Park. It was almost impossible to see the water in some areas. After spending some time at Otter Point, we tried to head to the beach nearby to get closer to the water, but due to the rain the day before, the entrance was flooded entirely, making it dangerous to cross. Going with the flow, we went into the woods next to the beach instead and finished with some portraits on the Park Loop Road, which we had to ourselves. These two never complained, and we loved the foggy, woodsy photos. They gave us some major Twilight vibes. Moody Acadia is so stunning and incredibly quiet.

I'm so glad we could meet up with these two and create some portraits with a very different look than the ones we made on their wedding day. I love that they were able to have some sunny photos and some moodier ones.

Here are some favorites from their wedding portraits in Acadia National Park!

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