Lexie & Mike’s Under Canvas Acadia Wedding in Surry Maine

Lexie and Mike's Under Canvas Acadia wedding in Surry, Maine had one requirement: It had to be dog-friendly. As Lexie pointed out, her dog, Polar, has been in her life longer than Mike, so he had to be included. I met Lexie and Polar in 2020 when I photographed them alongside Lexie's sweet childhood pup, Jazmine.

I was thrilled to learn that we'd hang out with Polar again and that he was an essential part of the day. He was by Lexie's side as she got ready, walked her down the aisle, was close by in case anyone dropped any crumbs during the tentside reception, and accompanied us to Acadia National Park for three hours of portraits. What a trooper. My favorite part, though, was that Polar was presented with his very own ring in the form of a golden collar during the ceremony. He was genuinely included in every step.

From our past session, I knew Lexie was an absolute delight to spend time with. She's bubbly and lights up as she talks with you. It's easy to see how Mike was drawn to her. Mike was also incredibly welcoming, and seeing how much he adored Lexie was lovely. I may have teared up a few times when he cried during the first look and ceremony.

Guests were treated to an afternoon tea with English-inspired treats, which was such a fun change from what we usually see at weddings. Speaking of treats, Lexie had ordered some freeze-dried candy on a whim, so I got to experience my first freeze-dried Jolly Rancher. It was fantastic.

I'm such a fan of intimate weddings. These two included only their nearest and dearest, and could sit down, relax, and chat with everyone. Since there wasn't a strict timeline, they could be fully present for their wedding AND have three hours of portraits afterward with just them and Polar. It was laidback and wonderful.

This was our first time photographing at Under Canvas Acadia in Surry, and it's such a beautiful and unique place to have a wedding. Here are some favorites from the day!

Vendors for Under Canvas Acadia wedding in Surry, Maine:

Venue: Under Canvas Acadia

Portrait Location: Acadia National Park

Officiant: Bride's Grandmother

Photographers: Hailey & Joel Crabtree

Catering & Cake: Sweet Cheeks Bakery

Hair & Makeup: Jacqueline Wortman

Flowers: Fox Hollow Flowers (ceremony arrangement made by the bride and her cousin)

Ceremony Musicians: Lynn Brubaker & Molly Nichols

Wedding Dress: Casablanca Bridal

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