Jacqui & Derek’s Stormy Bar Harbor Wedding

Jacqui and Derek's stormy Bar Harbor wedding unfolded amidst the turbulent conditions brought by Hurricane Lee sweeping Maine's coast in September. Ordinarily, Joel and I would have headed home after a Bar Harbor wedding, as we live about an hour away. However, with concerns about potential flooding and downed wires and trees, we stayed in a hotel the night before and after Jacqui and Derek's wedding to ensure a safe journey.

There was some rain when we ventured outside our hotel on the way to the wedding, but the conditions didn't initially seem too severe. However, upon arriving at the Bar Harbor Club, we realized what a difference a five-minute drive can make. The wind snatched my umbrella the moment I stepped out of the car. The rain lashed from all directions, and the waves crashed with intensity. Despite my worries about Jacqui and Derek being disheartened (especially considering Jacqui had also been hit by a car the day before the wedding), they were in such great spirits. Jacqui was a ball of joy, while Derek was relaxed and happy. In their own words, having faced both a car accident and a hurricane, Jacqui and Derek were determined to enjoy the day without fretting over any additional curveballs that might come their way.

The storm, surprisingly, added a touch of magic to the wedding day. Despite a sizable crowd, the atmosphere inside felt cozy and intimate. Everyone stayed warm and dry, sipping cocktails and sharing laughter over a delicious meal. The highlight of the day, for me, was the dancing. The indoor confinement earlier in the day seemed to infuse extra energy into the dance floor. The collective enthusiasm for Jacqui and Derek made it clear that perfect weather isn't a prerequisite for an epic wedding day. It was a gratifying experience to be part of such a resilient celebration.

As a bonus, we had the opportunity to capture some stunning portraits of Jacqui and Derek in Acadia National Park the following day, basking in warm and sunny weather. Truly, it was the best of both worlds. Stay tuned for more as we share some of these photos in our next blog post!

Here are our favorite highlights from Jacqui and Derek's stormy Bar Harbor wedding!

Vendors for Jacqui and Derek's stormy Bar Harbor wedding:

Venue: Bar Harbor Club

Officiant: Kyle Rehm (bride's brother-in-law)

Ceremony Musician: James McCabe (Bride's brother)

Photographers: Hailey & Joel Crabtree

Band: Louis Pettinelli Entertainment

Catering & Cake: Bar Harbor Club

Flowers: The Bud Connection

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