Holly’s Orono Maine Bridal Portraits

Holly's Orono, Maine bridal portraits were so much fun to photograph! Holly and I went to high school together (shoutout to Mattanawcook Academy in Lincoln). She's a few years older than me and graduated with my brother in 2004.

The beautiful late September colors I've seen lately (in the sunsets, flowers, and trees) had me itching to get out and create some portraits. I posted on Facebook to see if anyone would be willing to throw on a wedding dress for me, and Holly jumped at the chance.

There's a lovely little park near the University of Maine, where I recently earned my Bachelor's degree. I'd been there only once to do some portraits, but it immediately popped into my mind when I tried to come up with a location we could photograph at. Bonus, Orono is about smack dab in the middle of where Holly and I live, so it was also a convenient location.

Holly was up for all my wild ideas, including climbing to sit on the top of the decorative pillars surrounding the staircase leading into the park (you'll see those at the end of the post).

The sunset was incredible and played up those deep fall tones that I was so inspired by.

Here are my favorites!

Orono Maine bridal portraits by Hailey Tash

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