Josh & Emily’s Newagen Seaside Inn Wedding

When I met with my wedding photographer, Sierra, to discuss plans for my 2012 wedding, she invited me to be the second photographer at Josh and Emily's Newagen Seaside Inn wedding in Southport, Maine. I had heard stories about the stunning venue and was eager to work alongside Sierra, so I jumped.

Sierra didn't need me until the ceremony, so I wandered the property and got a feel for how the day would go upon my arrival. Later, when I reunited with Sierra at the beginning of the ceremony, she gave me free rein to experiment with my photos. This was so kind of her, and I had so much fun seeing what angles I could provide that would add something to the story she was creating with her camera.

After the ceremony and an adorable petal toss, we headed to the water to get some portraits along the coast. Whenever I think of the Maine coast, I picture a foggy, moody day instead of the bright, warm day many people imagine. There's just something about a thick fog moving across the water. Emily and Josh had precisely the kind of day I always imagine when I think of Maine. It was perfection.

When portraits were finished, guests slowly made their way from the lawn to the reception room. Everyone was soaking up the gorgeous view for as long as possible. Inside, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner, heartfelt toasts from friends and family, a sweet first dance, and a packed dance floor that kept us busy for the rest of the night. There was also some fantastic cake.

A huge thank you goes out to Sierra for letting me tag along and share some photos. Here are my favorites from the day.

Vendors for Newagen Seaside Inn Wedding:

Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn

Main Photographer: Sierra Kristen Photography

Second Photographer: Hailey Tash

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