Ellen’s Holden Maine Senior Portraits

Ellen's Holden, Maine senior portraits took place on a beautiful summer day. We had the prettiest soft, golden hour light, a sprawling field behind a barn, and wildflowers that gave us gorgeous pops of color. It was also a perfect 75 degrees outside, which is the perfect photo-taking temperature. Ellen gave up total Blake Lively vibes with both her hair and style. I loved how effortless all of her looks were. Also, I couldn't get over her stunning bright blue eyes. They pop in every photo!

From the field, we moved to the nearby elementary school for more of an urban backdrop with the brick and bright-colored building. Ellen told me about her time there and her favorite teachers and explained that it felt like a full-circle moment returning for her senior portraits.

She was kind, well-spoken, and a blast to spend the evening with. I wish I had been that comfortable in my skin as a teenager! I can't wait to keep up with everything she does in the future. Enjoy your summer, Ellen, and good luck with your senior year!

Here are my favorite photos of Ellen. Cheers to the class of 2011!

Holden, Maine senior portraits by Hailey Tash

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