The Best Maine and New England Wedding Photos of 2020

When I started working on the blog post for our best Maine and New England wedding photos of 2020, I was sure it would be much shorter than usual because COVID-19 hit and shrunk our season considerably. Unfortunately, though, one thing Coronavirus could not change was my inability to scale down my favorites! So this blog post isn’t any shorter at all.

At the end of 2019, we were to have a wedding almost every weekend of the busy season. However, when early spring hit, many of our clients made the tough decision to jump ship and postpone to 2021 or later. Nevertheless, a few couples hung on and worked incredibly hard to keep their weddings safe. They cut guest lists to under 25 people, incorporated hand sanitizer into the decor, quarantined with those who would be attending their wedding, wore masks as much as possible, and made sure everyone tested. We’ve thanked our clients a million times for keeping things as safe for us as possible, but they deserve another one here. Thank you!

After all the postponements, we ended up with only five micro weddings in 2020. However, we could still travel throughout Maine to Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport and Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay Harbor. We even got to return to the beautiful Cranberry Isles by boat! In addition, we took a small step over the border to the Snowvillage Inn in New Hampshire. Finally, we photographed a delightful backyard wedding of one of our couples at the Watertown, Massachusetts home.

While I wish we hadn’t had to deal with a pandemic, I don’t think any of our couples would change how their wedding day turned out. Intimate weddings allow you to relax and soak up the company of your nearest and dearest. But, they put the focus back on the most important thing: love. I could photograph micro weddings for the rest of the time and be a pleased photographer.

So, here are our best Maine and New England wedding photos from 2020. Enjoy!

wedding recessional at Cranberry Isles wedding
bride and groom on a sailboat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
emotional bride during NH wedding ceremony
bride and groom kissing on Goose Rocks Beach
First dance at Massachusetts wedding
couple sitting together in boat on Isleford
bride and groom kissing in front of rainbow
bride kisses her son
bride twirls wedding dress on Goose Rocks Beach
first kiss at watertown, Massachusetts wedding
flower girl dancing at Linekin Bay Resort wedding
little boy showing off food at wedding reception
groom popping bottle of champagne on Goose Rocks Beach
couple toasting with cans of beer
groom adjusting tie in mirror at Linekin Bay Resory wedding
couple arriving at Little Cranberry Island for their wedding
little girl laughing on dance floor
bride and bridesmaids doing shots before wedding ceremony
first dance at Kennebunkport, Maine wedding
kiss at Watertown, Mass wedding
groom's reaction to bride walking down the aisle
groom holding bride at NH wedding
couple walking on Goose Rocks Beach at sunset
wedding toasts at Massachusetts wedding
first kiss at Linekin Bay Resort
couple embracing on Cranberry Isles wedding day
flower girls playing games
groom kissing bride's hand after wedding ceremony
couple laughing at sunset after Goose Rocks Beach wedding ceremony
family members watching first dance
couple dancing at sunset during Boothbay Harbor wedding
bride laughs with her son during NH wedding
bride and groom hug wedding officiants on Goose Rocks Beach
wedding portrait in Watertown, Massachusetts
first kiss during Cranberry Isles wedding
couple on dock during Linekin Bay Resort wedding
ring bearer at NH wedding
couple walking alone together at Kennebunkport, Maine wedding
couple kissing during first dance
couple dancing on Cranberry Isles dock
groom kissing bride's forehead
bridal party at NH wedding
ring exchange during Kennebunkport, Maine wedding
bridal makeup application
bride and groom laughing during Massachusetts wedding ceremony
bride and groom on sail boat during Boothbay Harbor wedding at Linekin Bay Resort
groomsmen dressing
bride hugging her mom
couple watching bikers pass
bride holding giant bottle of champagne
groom hugging bride during first dance
wedding toast on Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine
bride holding groom's arm during wedding toasts
couple hugging on dock
bride laughing
silhouette of bride dressing
groom hugging his mother
bride, ring bearer, and flowers girls
bride laughing with her mother at Watertown, Mass wedding
bride raising the sails at Linekin Bay Resort wedding
wedding portraits in NH
bridal processional
portrait of bride in Watertown, Massachusetts wedding
bride and groom on boat to Little Cranberry Island, Maine wedding
bride and groom at Linekin Bay Resort
bride carrying her son
intimate dinner in Kennebunkport, Maine
bride and groom kissing on dock
bride and groom cooling off during summer wedding
wedding portraits in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
silhouette of couple at sunset
toast at MA wedding

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