Steve & Melissa’s Harborside Hotel Wedding

In May, we met Steve and Melissa for their engagement session in Acadia, where we discussed their upcoming wedding at Harborside Hotel. Their chemistry was immediately apparent, showcasing their fun, laidback, and goofy personalities during the engagement photoshoot. This only heightened our excitement for their August wedding day.

Both Steve and Melissa are doctors, with Steve specializing in infectious diseases. Having navigated the challenges of the Covid outbreak and recently becoming parents, wedding planning presented a unique set of difficulties. Thankfully, Melissa's wonderful mom, Peggy, compiled vendor lists and handled tasks to alleviate their stress.

Despite their busy schedules, Steve and Melissa carved out a few days to enjoy the beauty of the Maine coast before diving back into work. Consequently, they aimed for a relaxed wedding day with delectable food and drinks. When I arrived to capture Melissa getting ready and inquired about her feelings, she humorously mentioned indulging in too many blueberry mojitos the night before, but with no regrets.

When it came to their wedding day soundtrack, I was a big fan. I couldn't help but notice that more than one song from Taylor Swift's "Lover" album played during cocktail hour. We're talking deeper tracks that only Swifties would play. When I brought it up during their sunset portraits, they informed me that they were also doing their first dance to "Paper Rings." If you're unfamiliar with the song, it's upbeat with some old-school vibes. It's not something you slow dance to, so I was intrigued. They warned us there would likely be a lot of awkward arm dancing, but I think they nailed it.

Here are our favorites from their Harborside Hotel wedding!

Harborside Hotel Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Harborside Hotel

Officiant: Friend of Couple

Photographers: Hailey & Joel Crabtree

DJ: Jim Smith

Flowers: The Bud Connection

Hair & Makeup: I Do Spas

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