July 9, 2021

Emily’s Portraits in Bangor Maine

It’s been a long time since I’ve created portraits in Bangor, Maine. That seems a little strange since I only live fifteen minutes away, but our work tends to take us elsewhere in Maine and New England. I don’t know if it was the fact that Covid had really limited my ability to get out and create photos, that we had finally made it out of winter and I needed some Spring vibes in my life, or a combination of both, but one day, while passing this massive patch of forsythia trees for the fifth or sixth time I thought, I’m going to do a creative shoot there just for me.

I wanted to push myself and work with the vibrancy of the trees in the full morning sun. Normally, that combo is not a favorite amongst photographers, but since this shoot was just for me, I thought what the heck? Immediately Emily came to mind. She had been up for any of my ideas in the past, no matter what I threw at her, so even though it had been several years since I’d photographed her, I reached out. Of course, she said yes immediately because Emily is the best. P.S. She made the BEST masks for us last year. Seriously, they were our favorites and it made me so happy knowing she had sewn them for us.

I basically told Emily to show up in something bright and we’d see what happened. Haha! This area isn’t particularly great for photosβ€” it’s surrounded by somewhat busy streets, a church, and a lot of houses and apartments. We definitely received some strange looks from passersby.

It was so fun seeing what I could create in a small area with full sun and a single backdrop. As always, Emily was a dream in front of the camera and I can’t wait for our next shoot together, whenever that may be.

So, here are some of my favorite portraits of Emily that we created together. Enjoy!