Maine Portraits | Bre, Katelyn, and Máire

I love visiting the University of Maine during winter break. The campus is abandoned, and there's an eerie silence everywhere you go. It always feels a little bittersweet walking around the campus post-graduation, but it's always nice to be back. I visited recently on a cold, windy, snowy day with three models to create some Maine portraits for a local hair and makeup artist. Brianna had contacted me about setting up a beauty shoot to showcase her hair and makeup work. Brianna and I both attended Mattanawcook Academy in Lincoln, Maine. She was a grade or two below me, but I remember seeing her around the hallways at school. It was so cool to get a chance to work together!

She gathered the models and put together the looks, so it was exciting to show up, having no idea what I'd be shooting! Her work was gorgeous! I loved how each look really fit the model's personality. I love shooting in the winter because the snow gives everything a dreamy look, which just added to our shoot and made Brianna's work pop even more.

Check out Brianna's page here.

Hair and Makeup by Brianna Campbell - Brianna Campbell Makeup & Spa Services

Maine Portraits by Hailey Crabtree

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