Maine Engagement Photographer | Kristin & Dustin

When you're a Maine engagement photographer, sometimes you make your best friend and her boyfriend model for you. This happened after Kristin and Dustin spent some time with us one afternoon when I was hit with the urge to create.

The best thing about having the same best friend in your adult life as you did in childhood is that no matter how much time passes without seeing each other, you still laugh so hard together you almost pee your pants—every time. Kristin and I have been best friends since 7th grade, but now we live in different places. Naturally, we were worried that the distance would be dreadful when she moved away. However, I think we're closer now than ever before.

When Dustin came into the picture, I was a little nervous about how he would add to the dynamic. Kristin had been the third wheel with Joel and me for a while (or was Joel the third wheel with her and me?), so adding a new person would change things. However, Dustin fit in immediately. He's the nicest person on the planet, and most importantly, he makes my best friend the happiest I've ever seen her.

Dustin also received the title of MVP at our wedding after volunteering to steam my wedding dress and all of the bridesmaids' dresses. He also drove my grandmother's van to shuttle guests to the ceremony site. He's definitely a keeper.

Here are some sweet photos of Kristin and Dustin taken in our backyard at sunset. I'm so happy she found a good one.

Photos of Kristin and Dustin by Maine engagement photographer Hailey Crabtree in Orrington, Maine

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