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The secret is out! I can finally share Kristin and Dustin's coastal Maine proposal!

On the last Sunday of January, I walked into the office to see Joel chatting with Dustin online. "You may want to check your phone," Joel said. So, I did. Dustin was planning on proposing to my best friend, Kristin. After some serious squealing, jumping around, and random shouting of, "I'M SO EXCITED!!!" I asked for more details. He was hoping to whisk her to Maine the following weekend, and he was hoping I'd be up for photographing it. Uh, YEAH!!! We discussed for a few days, and figured it'd be easiest if I contacted Kristin and told her I missed her and that she needed to come home for a visit. He had her mom contact her too. Since planning proposals is never easy, Kristin said she wished she could come home but had to work, and pharmacy school was incredibly stressful. I told Dustin what she had said, and he seriously stepped up. He called her boss, and got her the weekend off.

The day finally arrived, and as we were driving to Lamoine Beach, Kristin and I started chatting. Then, she started talking about engagement rings. She had a few recently engaged friends and told me about their proposals. I think I began to sweat a little.

Dustin and I had come up with a code word: Stroll. So, after snapping a few shots of them snuggling, I said, "now I want you guys to STROLL down the beach!" In our minds, Kristin started walking ahead of Dustin as he held back. Then, he'd get on his knee, and turn her around. Kristin decided to stay at Dustin's side, and I saw a brief panic in his eyes. Finally, he grabbed her and just did it! I didn't expect to be nervous, but I was! In the end, it worked out perfectly, and I found myself getting emotional with them. Kristin even told us later that she had absolutely no idea! Yay!

Congratulations, Kristin and Dustin! I'm so happy for you two!!!

Coastal Maine proposal photographed by Hailey Crabtree

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