Kayla & Evan’s Stonington Maine Engagement Photos

Kayla and Evan are getting married at TEIA on Peaks Island next year. Last month I met up with them for their Stonington, Maine engagement photos, where we chatted about all the planning they've done so far.

There's a family home on Peaks Island that they spend time at every year, so it was the obvious choice when it came time to plan their wedding. They felt adventurous regarding their engagement photos and asked for different recommendations for their engagement session. After discussing a few other places, they chose Stonington. Stonington is one of my favorite places in Maine, and these two had never been. I was so happy that they were up for it.

We met by the library on Main Street, which lives up to the quintessential street you imagine for coastal Maine. From there, we made our way over to the harbor. Then, we wandered through town, stopping to snap photos alongside the gorgeous flowers blooming in all directions. We caught up with the infamous orange cat that is always on hand to greet guests of one of the gift shops in town before heading to my favorite beach.

I was thrilled when I checked the weather leading to our session together. If you're not from Maine, you may be unaware that it felt like summer would never come this year. June and July were filled with seemingly endless amounts of rain. So, when I saw that it would be sunny for Kayla and Evan's engagement session, I was downright giddy.

After the sunset, these two returned to Portland, where they had a ferry to catch, and I drove home with a smile, knowing that they had enjoyed one of my favorite spots.

Kayla and Evan, I cannot wait to spend your wedding day with you next year and to meet Thor (their new puppy we talked about multiple times). Thank you for trusting me with a location you'd never visited and putting in so much travel time to make it happen!

Here are my favorites!

Stonington Maine Engagement Photos by Hailey Crabtree

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