Maine Winter Bridal Portraits

A few weeks ago, Logan and I came together to capture enchanting Maine winter bridal portraits. The idea had been brewing for a while, but the details came together at the last minute. I craved the charm of fresh snow, so we set out the day after a significant snowstorm to bring our vision to life. Having worked with Logan in the past during a spring photoshoot, I knew she'd be the ideal muse for this winter adventure. In the days leading up, we scurried around in search of the perfect dress, complemented by my cozy J. Crew coat and classic Bean boots. Adding a personal flair, I even baked a cake and crafted a simple bouquet – my first attempt at such endeavors.

Logan, an adventurous gal, embraced every idea we had in mind. Our destination was a local park, where we envisioned a winter picnic setting. The biting cold limited our outdoor escapade to about twenty minutes, but Logan's resilience and innate photogenic charm ensured that every shot captured the essence of our winter wonderland.

Special thanks go to Brianna Campbell for the impeccable makeup and Megan Markie for the stunning hair styling that flawlessly complemented Logan's natural beauty.

Here are some favorites from my Maine winter bridal portrait session with Logan.

Model: Logan Brown

Hair: Megan Markie

Makeup: Brianna Campbell Makeup Artistry and Skin

Cake, bouquet, and photography: Hailey Crabtree

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