Amy’s Maine Portraits in Stockton Springs

Amy and I met up for some coastal Maine portraits in Stockton Springs on an early spring day

I met Amy through mutual friends years ago when she lent me a suitcase for a 1940s inspired shoot. She also went to high school with Joel, so we became Facebook friends. Whenever I'd see her photos pop up in my newsfeed, I'd comment that she would be great to photograph, so I'm so excited that I finally got her in front of my camera! Amy is absolutely stunning!

Spring has been creeping in painstakingly slow this year, so we decided to use a lot of color in our shoot. Maybe Mother Nature would be inspired to get the ball rolling a little bit faster... We headed to the coast and were shocked to find that the weather was completely different from where we had both come from. It was incredibly windy and cold. Luckily, there were some wooded trails nearby and we were able to hide out while we shot.

Thanks for being such a trooper, Amy! Here are some of my favorites from our shoot!

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