Stephanie’s Wilmington North Carolina Portraits

It's the third and final post of Stephanie's North Carolina portraits. We spent day one on Wrightsville Beach, then headed into downtown Wilmington for day two.

On our last day in Wilmington, we planned on waking up early and exploring more of downtown. Well, mother nature had other plans. We woke up to pouring rain! We sat in the living room, drinking coffee and wondering if we should wait it out. I stood up to look out the window and realized that there was a gorgeous screened-in porch. I suggested using it for a few more shots. Then, right as we were finishing up, the rain stopped. Not only did it stop, but the softest, warmest light came pouring through the trees! We ran out, trying to suck up as much as we possibly could. Stephanie's boyfriend's parents live on a beautiful marsh that provided a stunning backdrop, and it ended up being my favorite day of shooting.

Also, if you couldn't tell, our overall inspiration for the three days of shooting was Taylor Swift's Red album, especially on day two with the button-up and the bold red lip. Here, it's the hat. The entire vibe for that album so inspired me, and Stephanie, being a bit of a Swiftie, instantly understood when I mentioned it before my trip.

These photos make me miss the south so much, especially being back in cold and snowy Maine. I'm already planning my next trip to North Carolina.

Here's the final set of my favorite photos of Steph.

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