The Best Maine & Massachusetts Wedding Photography of 2016

Holy smokes! Here it is! We’re looking back at our best Maine and Massachusetts wedding photography from 2016. I started looking through wedding images weeks ago because I had initially planned to blog this earlier. However, we had such an incredible year that it was a struggle to narrow it down!

After getting stuck around 200 images, Joel helped me narrow it down to 100. For me, it feels like choosing between my babies (well, furbabies in my case), which is impossible.

Last year, our fantastic clients brought us to Bar Harbor, Portland, Rockport, Ellsworth, Norway, Buxton, Kennebunkport, Norridgewock, Fryeburg, Bristol, and Northeast Harbor, Maine. We photographed our first Massachusetts wedding in Salisbury and got to photograph two elopements in one of our favorite places, Acadia National Park. I also photographed a styled shoot to introduce our new branding, and Joel modeled as the groom!

We photographed portraits on docks, first dances outside in the fresh air, packed dance floors, and tents lit up against the night sky, to name a few things.

Thank you to our amazing 2016 clients! We’re way ahead of where we expected to be in bookings for 2017, and we owe so much of that to everyone who has trusted us in the past.

Here are our favorites!

A photo of a bride and groom's outdoor first dance in Ellsworth, Maine.

A portrait of a bride and groom kissing on the cliffs at Pemaquid Point Light on a sunny day.

A close up of a makeup artist applying lip liner to the bride's lips.

A bride and groom laugh as it rains during their ceremony. The groom holds an umbrella over them.

A bride and groom let the sun warm their faces at Rockport Harbor in Maine.

A photo of wedding guests happily dancing back-to-back at a wedding.

A portrait of a bride and groom kissing in a horse-drawn carriage in Bar Harbor, Maine.

A dramatic black and white photo of a groom shaving his beard while looking into a mirror.

A posed portrait of a bride smiling outside Portland Maine City Hall with her bouquet.

A photo of a little boy at a wedding having his collar adjusted.

A portrait of a bride and groom on a sunny day at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. They stand on rocks jutting out into the water, holding hands.

A groom lifts the bride during their first kiss under a balloon-covered arbor.

A black and white portrait of a bride kissing the groom on the cheek at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.

The bride and her father happily walk down the aisle for the wedding ceremony at The Regency in Bar Harbor, Maine.

A bride and groom go in for a kiss on a sunny day in Maine.

A black and white photo of a bride wiping her tears with the handkerchief the groom has just handed her during the ceremony.

A close up of a bride's face as she holds the groom's hand on her shoulder, showing off both wedding bands.

Three bridesmaids start laughing immediately after crying during the groom's vows at Flanagan Farm in Maine.

A little boy at a wedding crawls in the grass and smiles at the camera.

A black and white image of a couple dancing their first dance at their wedding after ten years together. They smile and look deep into each other's eyes.

A bride and groom hold hands and smile at each other in Norway, Maine.

The bride, groom, and maid of honor laugh heartily after the best man drops his pants during his wedding toast.

Hands light candles in memory of family members who couldn't make it to the wedding.

A happy couple leaves City Hall after eloping.

A close up of a bride's shoes that her sister has just places on her feet.

A bride descends the stairs in a beautiful, white-washed barn carrying her bouquet with sunlight falling on her.

Twilight creates dark blue skies in this photo of lanterns and bistro lights lighting the outside of The Contented Sole in Maine.

The mother of the groom smiles up at the bride as she gets ready for her wedding day.

The groom carries the flower girl as she hugs him tightly around the neck.

A black and white image of the bride waiting to enter the ceremony down the hall. The groom can be seen waiting and is slightly out of focus.

A close up of a bride and groom's hands. They hold hands as they walk together on the beach.

A black and white photo of a bride's sister and future sister-in-law placing her veil in her hair.

A wedding guest laughs as she chats with other wedding guests.

An emotional black and white photo of a groom crying as he dances with his grandmother at his wedding reception.

A bride and groom's backs as they face sunset on a dock with an American flag waving in the wind nearby.

A flower girl looks unimpressed with the camera during the reception dinner.

A wedding dress hangs on a door with bright blue and green walls around it.

Bridesmaids tightly hug the bride and she laughs.

An intense spotlight on sun shines on a couple during their wedding ceremony with ominous storm clouds rolling in behind them.

A black and white portrait of a bride looking over her shoulder with in a backless wedding gown.

A close up of the bride's hands as she shows her new wedding ring to a bridesmaid.

A portrait of a bride and groom standing in the Maine wilderness with their arms around each other.

A candid moment of a bride and groom kissing as they walk down the street with their guests unaware in the foreground.

A groom raises his hands in the air in excitement as he looks at the bride.

The bride and the groom's father try to pin a boutonniere on the bride's father.

Sunlight shines on the tablecloth, place setting and through a cup creating a golden glow. The cup states the name of the couple and their wedding date.

A black and white photo of a flower girl playing in the bride's veil.

You can see a groom smiling in the background of this close-up of the beer he is holding.

In this black and white photo, a groom pulls twigs out of a bride's train that gathered as she walked through the woods.

A wedding party cheers as the bride and groom dance their way into the reception.

A close-up of a groom's hand with a bee resting on his newly-banded ring finger.

A bride and her bridesmaids laugh as they finish a bottle of champagne before the wedding ceremony.

A portrait of a bride and groom smiling at each other.

A wedding party walks, arm-in-arm, toward the camera, laughing. They slowly make their way out of frame.

A bride screams in excitement when she sees someone at her wedding.

A black and white of a bride laughing with tear-stained cheeks during her wedding ceremony.

A bride and groom stand on a dock, looking out at the ocean, with a blue bicycle standing nearby.

A bride hooks her necklace around her neck while her sister holds the pendant in place.

A wedding guest points to a cow as the cow stares back at her.

Wedding guests smile and clap as they dance during the reception.

A bride and groom kneel with their dog for a portrait on the dock in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

A bride and groom laugh during one of the readings during their wedding ceremony.

A bride and groom embrace in a scenic shot showing Rockport Harbor in Maine.

A bride wrinkles her nose and laughs as the groom tries to smear cake on her face.

A groom dips his bride and kisses her at the end of their first dance.

The bride and groom ride together as they head out for wedding portraits. The focus is on the groom's eyes in the rear-view mirror.

A bride holds a card out at the camera that says, "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes (blank)."

A groom and his best man laugh as they struggle to tie their ties.

A flower girl focuses hard as she throws rose petals into the air.

A silhouette of a groom twirling a bride at sunset.

A baby focuses on the camera as his father carries him to the ceremony.

A bride laughs hard during the groom's vows at their outdoor ceremony in Ellsworth, Maine.

A bride and groom walk through colorful plants at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.

A flower girl watches the bride get ready from the bed.

A groom hugs his bride and whispers into her ear.

A bride smiles widely as she stats to throw her bouquet.

The bride, groom and wedding party walk next to Pemaquid Point Light in Bristol, Maine.

A bride sits calmly as her hair and makeup is finished.

A bride and groom kiss in front of the barn at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in Norway, Maine.

A wedding dress hangs in the white-washed barn at Hardy Farm surrounded by balloons.

A bride and her father laugh as they dance together at the reception.

A bride and her sister happily hug at the wedding reception.

A portrait of a bride and groom laughing at each other.

Two flower girls dance together and laugh at a wedding reception.

A bride and groom kiss on the cliffs of Acadia National Park.

The bride and groom's dog gets a belly rub from the groom's sister.

Two bridesmaids hold a mirror as the bride and her mother admire her in her wedding gown.

The bride and her friends smile while holding glasses of champagne.

A bride smiles and rests her head against the groom's.

A groom buttons up his shirt as he looks in the mirror.

The bride and groom and wedding guests cheer as they're announced husband and wife.

The father of the bride tears up as his daughter hugs him.

The groom puts his arm around the bride as they walk along the trail at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.

A bride's sister laughs as she slides the garter on to the bride's leg.

A black and white portrait of a bride as she smiles at the groom.

A mime surprises guests during the wedding reception.

A bride smiles at the groom as he sweeps hair out of her eyes.

Cocktail hour by the pool comes to an end at sunset at the Bar Harbor Club.

The flower girls and ring bearer wait patiently for their entrance into the ceremony.

A wedding tent lit up at twilight.

Maine & Massachusetts wedding photography by Hailey & Joel Crabtree

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