TO MENU

        When Chloe’s mom, Jen, reached out about photographing Chloe’s senior portraits at Fields Pond Audubon, I was thrilled to learn they lived just five minutes away from me. Jen and Chloe really wanted to support a local photographer, and she told me they were also happy to learn we were so close. We planned to spend most of our time at the Audubon, a 229-acre sanctuary that we’re lucky to have right down the road. It has walking trails, access to water, tall fields, and a cute little wooden bridge – a dream for senior portraits.

        Jen told me upfront that Chloe was pretty quiet and would rather spend her time reading or hanging out with her ducks than doing a lot of the “typical teen” activities. As an animal lover who loves to read, I felt we were kindred spirits before we even met. Jen then asked if I might be up for heading to their house at the end of the session to document Chloe spending time with her ducks. Let me tell you, the excitement I felt in that moment was through the roof. Photographing Chloe with her ducks was hilarious, and I loved seeing how happy she was with them. It was also incredibly educational because Chloe knows her stuff– after all, she plans on becoming an ornithologist. I asked a million questions about the differences in her ducks, and she always provided a very thoughtful, well-educated answer. It was a really cool experience for me.

        Here are my favorites from our time together!