Published in BarkPost’s “Dogs and Their People”

As photographers, we have different goals that we set for ourselves. Some of mine are small goals like keeping my desk clean for more than a day, or little challenges I give myself at weddings, like getting a really unique shot of the shoes. Some are a bit bigger, like attending a workshop that will really push me out of my comfort zone, or photographing an elopement in Europe. Never have I written “get a photo published in a dog book” down on any list of goals. However, now that it’s happened, all I can say is “how was this not a goal!?” If you know us, you know that we’re HUGE animal lovers. Our rescue Husky, Tasha, is probably my best friend and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

So, when BarkPost published a photo of Lisa and Lindsey with their pup, Scout, in their book “Dogs and Their People,” I got really excited. I’M IN A DOG BOOK! AHHHH!

Here’s a look at the book and our photo. Woohoo!

A photo of the book "Dogs and Their People."

A photo taken by Hailey & Joel of two brides with their dog published in a book.

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