Pemaquid Point Engagement Photos | Nathalie & Eric

Last month, we met up with Nathalie and Eric in Bristol, Maine, for their Pemaquid Point engagement photos. Nathalie has been visiting the area with her family since she was young, and she has passed her love for Bristol on to Eric, so they knew it was where they wanted to get married when they got engaged.

We'll be photographing Eric and Nathalie's wedding next October and revisiting one of our favorite wedding venues–The Contented Sole. If you've never heard of it, it's on the water in New Harbor and has some delicious seafood. Plus, the space is gorgeous! We can't wait.

We've photographed in Bristol many times, so I was thrilled when Eric and Nathalie took us to some lesser-known spots not too far from the main road. We passed many families strolling toward the water, enjoying a perfect summer evening in Maine. A few even shouted congratulations as they passed, which made it even better. Finally, when we arrived at the spots they had picked, we had the cliffs entirely to ourselves at sunset. Does it get better than that?

We finished our session at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, which was surprisingly quiet that evening. The breeze and sunset were delightful, and I was sad to see the evening end.

So, here are some favorites from our time with Eric and Nathalie. We can't wait to see them again next October!

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