Peh & Woon Pin’s Acadia National Park Engagement Photos

Peh and Woon Pin traveled all the way from Singapore to have their Acadia National Park engagement photos taken, and I am so happy that I was the lucky one who photographed them. Woon Pin actually booked me back during the winter, and I didn't realize until halfway through our session that he had only proposed to Peh a week before our session, so when he booked me they weren't engaged. The amount of thought and planning he put into their engagement was incredible. I'm so happy she said yes!

They'll be getting married back home, and I had a wonderful time listening to them talk about their wedding and what life is like in Singapore as we loved around the park.

We started our session at Jordan Pond, where the fall foliage was on full display in the background. It was gorgeous. As it got closer to sunset, we made the drive to Sand Beach for some final photos. The park tends to get pretty quiet around sunset, so we were able to have the entire beach to ourselves. That's rare! It was a delightfully warm evening, and the love these two share made it feel even warmer.

Also, I have to take a second to talk about Peh's stunning dress. I was so in love with the romance of it. It gave off old Hollywood vibes and looked amazing on her.

Here are my favorite photos of Peh and Woon Pin in Acadia National Park.

Peh and Woon Pin, I hope your wedding day is amazing! Thank you!

Acadia National Park engagement photos by Hailey Crabtree

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