Maine Engagement Photos in Acadia National Park | Richa & Abhinav


Maine engagement photos in Acadia National Park are one of my favorite things to photograph. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a location that represents you and your significant other. Acadia offers sandy and rocky beaches, wooded hiking trails, mountaintop views, and cliffside overlooks, so you can bring pretty much any vision you have to life there.

Richa and Abhinav live on opposite sides of the country. They plan on relocating together eventually, but for now, there are lots of trips back and forth to see each other. They don't let the distance get them down, though, and plan all kinds of adventures that they can meet up on. I was lucky to hear about many of their experiences.

They planned to spend a few days on this adventure in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park during some rare time off in both of their schedules. They realized they could take advantage of the location and the time together and finally have some engagement photos taken. With all of the distance, it had been hard for them to plan those. They reached out about scheduling a session and were a bit worried that the short window we had would result in bad weather. However, the sun was out and the temperature was mild. It was a perfect October day and I'm so glad I got to spend a little time with them!

Here are my favorites from Richa and Abhinav's engagement session in Acadia National Park!


Maine engagement photos in Acadia by Hailey Crabtree

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