TO MENU

        On the first official day of summer, we jumped on a boat to head to Bryn and Brian’s Little Cranberry Island, Maine wedding. The island is actually named Isleford, but many people know it as Great Cranberry Island’s cool little sibling.

        Bryn and Brian had originally planned a big wedding in Michigan, but Covid-19 had other plans. They joked on the day about how there were two family weddings in 2019, so they decided to hold off a year for theirs. Who knew!? After realizing that a big wedding just wasn’t going to happen this year, they gathered a small group of their nearest and dearest and quarantined at a family home in Maine as they planned a small wedding on very short notice.

        Bryn’s family had been traveling to Isleford for years. Her grandparents once had a cottage right on the water, and Bryn and Brian had actually gotten engaged on the island two years prior. They quickly realized that it would be the perfect place for their tiny wedding. We were so lucky that the current owners of the cottage Bryn’s grandparents owned allowed them to have champagne and lunch at the property. It was stunning! They also gave permission for Bryn and Brian to board their boat for some photos too.

        My only regret from the day is that we didn’t get to spend more time with everyone. We boarded the boat at 11:00 in the morning and were raced to the ferry on a golf cart (Maine weddings are the best) for a 2:00 PM departure. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was a blast.

        Here are some favorites from the day!

        Little Cranberry Island Maine Wedding Vendors:

        Officiant: Father Emile Dube

        Church: Our Lady, Star of the Sea

        Photographers: Hailey & Joel Crabtree

        Island Planning Help: Katy Fernald

        Flowers: Floret

        Transportation: Sail Acadia