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I recently had the opportunity to see one of my photographs featured on Real Maine Weddings. It was an absolute honor to have my work showcased again by them. As part of the feature, the team at Real Maine Weddings reached out to me with a series of thought-provoking questions about my business. These questions delved into various aspects of my photography journey, interests, style, and love for capturing weddings. It was a fun experience sitting down and reflecting on these topics.

One of the questions that resonated deeply with me was how I first discovered my love for photography. It took me back to the beginning, to those early moments of wandering around in the woods of northern Maine on the lake I grew up on. It was a beautiful place to grow up; photography soon became the best way to capture that and express my creativity. It has become a part of who I am, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have turned my passion into a fulfilling career.

I was asked what I enjoy doing for fun when I'm not immersed in wedding photography. This question allowed me to step away from my professional role and reflect on the other aspects of my life that bring me joy and fulfillment. I shared my love for exploring the outdoors, seeking inspiration in nature, and spending quality time with loved ones. These moments of respite and connection with the world inspire me to keep experimenting with my photography.

I embrace a blend of timeless portraiture and candid moments in my photography style. I strive to capture the essence and emotions of a couple's special day, creating photographs that depict the events and evoke genuine feelings and memories. Each wedding is a unique story, and I aim to tell it in a way that resonates with the couple and those who view the images.

Finally, the question about what I find special about wedding photography was a tough one to answer. Weddings are full of sincere moments and immense joy. Documenting that and witnessing the pure love shared between couples and their families is an honor beyond words. The ability to preserve those precious moments, the laughter, the tears, and the connection, is something I cherish deeply. 

So, a big thank you to Real Maine Weddings for the opportunity to reflect on these aspects of my photography journey. Answering these questions reaffirmed my passion for this art form and reminded me why I am so deeply in love with what I do! 

Here's a peek at the feature!



Featured photo by Hailey Crabtree

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