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        woman laughing with her dog

        Maine Portraits with Dogs: Alexis, Jazmine, and Polar

        When Alexis and her family learned that her childhood pet, a beagle named Jazmine, had cancer, Alexis knew that she wanted to have some photos documenting the two of them together while Jazmine was st...

        Deer Isle Maine Photographer | Lifestyle Family Photos

        Mallory and Chris came into my life when they married in Bar Harbor a few years ago. Joel and I were lucky enough to be the ones chosen to photograph their gorgeous Bar Harbor Club wedding. Then, I c...

        Michaela and Drew’s Couples Portraits in Portsmouth New Hampshire

        We photographed Michaela and Drew's couples portraits in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Michaela and Drew welcomed us into their beautiful home to spend a few hours on a lazy Sunday with them and their tw...