Casey & Jessica’s Swan’s Island Maine Wedding

Typically, I spend around a year getting to know a couple before photographing their wedding day. However, Casey and Jessica were not my clients. One of the biggest fears of wedding photographers is getting sick with something you can't work through. So when Covid hit, we all held our breath and hoped we wouldn't get it. Unfortunately, Joel and I got it this past June, and while we were lucky to get it in a window where we had a little break from photographing weddings, we did have to miss out on attending his older brother's wedding. We were so bummed!

This couple booked my wonderfully-talented sister-in-law, Kate Crabtree, to photograph their wedding day. Yes, our family has lots of photographers in it! She's married to Joel's twin. Did you know that Joel has a twin!? Poor Kate got hit with Covid days before Casey and Jessica's wedding and could not photograph it.

This wedding was a tricky one. It was on a Monday, requiring taking a ferry over to Swan's Island and an overnight stay since there were no late-night ferries. When Kate reached out, I knew I'd be exhausted from our Saturday wedding, but I told her I could take over if she couldn't find anyone else. Well, with it being a weekday wedding on an island near MDI, I got the call.

I was super nervous about photographing a couple I had never chatted with in any way, but Kate's second photographer, Kelsey, was the ultimate hype woman. She pumped me up the entire time, and we had a lot of fun together. I told Kate afterward that I might try to steal her if Joel is ever unavailable.

Casey, Jessica, and their families were so welcoming as well. As soon as I walked in the door, Jessica exclaimed, "You must be Hailey!" I immediately felt at ease.

We had such a stunning sunset that I wish I could go back and see it again, but I'll have to settle for looking at these photos. Kate, thanks for letting me associate photograph for you!

Here are some favorite photos that I created at Jessica and Casey's Swan's Island, Maine wedding!

Swan's Island Maine Wedding Vendors:

Location: Swan's Island, Maine
Associate Photographer: Hailey Crabtree for Kate Crabtree Photography
Officiant: Mariel, Casey's Cousin
Dress Shop: Blue Sky Bridal
Suit shop: SuitShop
Flowers: Island Dreamweaver Flowers
Catering/decorating: Island Bake Shoppe
Arch: Heidi Martin

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