Best Portraits of 2015


As I reflect on 2015 and settle into the new year, it’s time to share some of my favorite images from that time. While I usually focus on sharing engagement and wedding photos, last year was filled with many individual portraits that I adore. So, let’s kick things off with a collection of our best portraits from 2015.

In this compilation, you’ll find a variety of captivating shots, including headshots, senior portraits, self-portraits, vacation snapshots, and even some tastefully selected boudoir images. I’ve also included photographs from a personal project that is still a work in progress and may take a few more years to complete. And, of course, I couldn’t leave out photos of my best friend and some adorable furry friends we encountered along the way.

While most of these portraits were taken in Maine, I’ve also included shots from our travels to Los Angeles, El Capitan Canyon, and Chicago. Each location adds a unique flavor to the collection, showcasing different settings and moods.

So, here are our best portraits from 2015. I hope you enjoy seeing the different personalities and various locations we created these in. I’ll be sharing our best engagement photos from 2015 next, followed by our best wedding photos, so keep an eye out for both of those!


All portraits by Hailey & Joel Crabtree

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