Ashton’s Portraits in Belfast Maine

Ashton is my cousin. We spent a lot of time together in our childhood camping with our grandparents throughout Maine, going to the beach with our moms, and battling it out singing Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears with the karaoke machine in our grandparents' basement. There are three years between us (I'm the older cousin), so there were some rocky years when we constantly tried to get each other into trouble.

She currently lives on the coast with her parents, so I asked if she'd be up for taking some portraits in Belfast, Maine.

Belfast is one of my favorite towns in midcoast Maine. It's quaint and never feels like it gets particularly overrun with tourists in the summer. There's some delicious food, beer, hiking trails nearby, and an adorable little harbor that screams Maine.

We mostly stuck to the harbor, using the various fishing boats and weather-beaten coastal architecture to our advantage. It was a gorgeous June day, and the combination of the sunshine and warm breeze off the water reminded me of how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful place.

Here are my favorite portraits from my time with Ashton.

Portraits in Belfast, Maine by Hailey

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