TO MENU

        You know that little ball of excitement you get when you’re having too much fun, and you know that something really great is happening? I had that feeling all day before, during and after Alex and Aneesha’s engagement photos in Boston, MA.

        I knew from all of our pre-booking communication that they were fun and funny, but it wasn’t until we met up with them in person that I realized just how fun and funny they really are. These two were a joy to have in front of the camera. I think I only gave a handful of directions the entire time because they were kissing and laughing so hard the entire time, and I didn’t want to change a thing. I just happily snapped away, knowing that I’d have that giddy feeling again later as I looked through all of these truly genuine moments.

        They were the first of our 2019 couples to book us, and I CANNOT wait for their wedding at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in June. More of all of this, please! 🙂