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        Jill is one of my senior reps for John Bapst, and this was our second session together. I do mini shoots with my reps in the spring, so it was fun to see her and catch up! Jill has such a great personality, and the best smile. She makes my job easy!

        When I asked where she’d like to shoot, Jill picked the city forest nearby. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. I absolutely LOVE this session. It was incredibly hard not to blog them all!

        While we started out with an overcast sky, things completely changed for the second half. The clouds spread enough to let this one intense blast of bright orange light through. The light was shining on one part of the nearby road like a spotlight, so I position Jill there facing the light. I toned down the intense orange of the sun when I processed the images, but she still has a nice golden glow.This next shot is seriously my new favorite photo.How cute is she?I also adore this shot…


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